Narthen new line-up

Dear All, after the loss of Barry we all reflected on things. Mr Causley felt that his own circumstances meant he needed to stay local and therefore could no longer be in the band. Fi and I felt we would like to continue to create music in the name of Narthen following our same philosophy and who better to join us in that than Sarah Matthews and Doug Eunson. Our first formal performance will be at Upton Folk Festival where we did our first ever concert with the original line-up. We will finish the festival at the end of Monday afternoon, 2nd May. We have blossomed forth again.

NarthenA new beginning
The term ‘Narthen’ is akin to ‘Now then’, ‘what gives’, ‘what’s happening now?’

Here is what’s happening now. Our aim, no matter the line-up, has always been to sing and play the songs and tunes that reflect our individual personalities and tastes. From the tradition through to modern times, anything goes, and that material is expressed through vocal harmony and a large variety of instruments. All sing, all play and the instruments include, Soprano sax, clarinet, whistles, fiddles, viola, hammer dulcimer, tenor guitar, diatonic accordeon and hurdy gurdy. Expect the unexpected from Jo Freya, Fi Fraser, Sarah Matthews and Doug Eunson.